New Suhr Badger 35 Amplifiers now at Humbucker Music!

Suhr Badger 35 Head at Humbucker Music

Suhr Badger 35 Head at Humbucker Music

We here at Humbucker Music are pretty big amp junkies… literally.. we love boutique amps! So we were all pretty excited about the arrival of the Suhr Badger 35! Unlike its fellow Suhr amps, the Badger 18 and Badger 30, the Badger 35 offers a more classic pallet of British tones.

The new Suhr Badger 35 amplifier is a mid-wattage amp with a innovative design that allows you to dial in many classic tones at any volume. Sporting a quad EL84 power section the Badger 35 can achieve a wide array of British tones from warm complex cleans, vox-ish British bite, and classic British high gain. And if volume is any concern of yours then the Badger 35 can assist you there as well. With the power scaling feature you can dial in the tones you want all the way down to one watt!

Be sure to check out the full line of Suhr Amplifiers on our website and if you are a fan of super awesome guitars be sure to check out the line up of Suhr Guitars we have. For more information on the Badger 35 please click on the image!

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