The all new Dr. Z M12 has arrived at Humbucker Music!

Dr. Z M12 1x10 Combo in Black at Humbucker Music
Dr. Z M12 1×10 Combo in Black at Humbucker Music

We here at Humbucker Music are extremely excited to announce the arrival of the all new Dr. Z M12 Amplifier! This amp is near and dear to our hearts since in 2011 we approached Dr. Z with the ideas for this amp.

The Dr. Z M12 gives you big tone and clean headroom with 12 watts of power.  Designed with the pedal board player in mind, the EF86 front end will devour your pedals and make them sound like they are built into the amp.  The M12 will become an essential tool for players that love their pedals as much as their guitars and amps.  The simple tone stack gets out of the way and lets your pedals do their thing.
We have quite a few options in stock right now! Including a 1×12 Combo in Red, a 1×10 Combo in Black, and a Head in Surf Green.
For more information please click on the image or check out the M12 F.A.Q section on our website. 
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