Exclusive Orange Amplifiers in Quantum Silver at Humbucker Music!

Orange RK50H MKII and PPC412 in Quantum Silver at Humbucker Music
Orange RK50H MKII and PPC412 in Quantum Silver at Humbucker Music

Humbucker Music is excited to announce an exclusive run of Orange Amplifiers and Orange Cabs in Quantum Silver! We received our first one which is a Rockerverb 50 MKII Head and a PPC412 Cabinet! And we have more on the way!

We are going to be stocking Quantum Silver Rockverb 50 and 100 MKII heads, AD30HTC heads, Thunderverb heads, OR50 heads, and PPC212 and PPC412 Cabs. As they come in they will we added to our New Arrivals section on our website. So be sure to check it out regularly!
Oh, did we mention we’re the largest Orange Amplifier dealer in the country?   We’ve been their largest dealer since 2003!   We also stock more Orange Amps than any other dealer in the USA!  We also make sure the amps we send out are packed well and fully insured.  It doesn’t benefit us or you one bit for you to get a bashed up amplifier, so we take care of that on the front end.  Buy from us, and let us show you our commitment to service.
For more information on this amp please click on the image!
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