New Dr. Z Monza amps are here and loud!

Dr. Z Monza Head in Black at Humbucker Music
Dr. Z Monza Head in Black at Humbucker Music

Humbucker Music now has the new Dr. Z Monza Amplifiers with the Master Volume upgrade! This amp will always be a gain and tone monster but with the new master volume you can unleash this beast anywhere!

Like all Dr. Z Amps, the Monza is very touch sensitive to pick dynamics, which always make an amp more fun to play.  Backing off the volume on your guitar yields a nice clean sound. Turning the amps VOLUME and DRIVE up to higher settings will bring on a nice smooth fuzz type overdrive that will collapse and bloom with no need for pedals.  Put simply, you’ll have a very broad range of gain sounds at your fingertips with just a guitar, amp, and cable. With the master volume control you can have your sound in the bedroom, the studio, and the stage.
For more information click on the image above!
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