Fano Sphear guitars are here at Humbucker Music!

Fano Psonicsphear in Earth Blue at Humbucker Music

Fano Psonicsphear in Earth Blue at Humbucker Music

We here at Humbucker Music are excited that the all new Fano Sphear guitars have started coming in!
Rather than sticking to the same platform for the electric guitar that has remained pretty much unchanged for more than half a century, Fano brings the electric guitar into the 21st century. Form and function at its best!
The aluminum/acrylic construction not only makes the Psonicsphear unique from an aesthetic standpoint, but also produces a massive amount of sustain and tone. Pairing this unique construction with the specially wound Lollar Omni-tron pickups produces a tone that is warm yet still has enough twang and bite to cut through the mix. The twin pickup switches allow for standard on/off operation, as well as “out of phase” combinations.
Right now we have a Psonicsphear in Earth Blue and a Psonicsphear in Jupiter Orange available. For more information click on the image or give us a call!
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