Check out this Suhr T2 in Vintage White!

Suhr T2 in Vintage White at Humbucker Music
Suhr T2 in Vintage White at Humbucker Music

Humbucker Music has this beautiful Suhr T2 in Vintage White in stock right now!
The T or “Classic T” model guitar is the Pro Series recreation of the popular Custom Classic T guitar. Claimed as the workhorse of the Suhr line up the T model lends itself to an amazing versatility with the ability to cover any of your needs whether it’s rock, country, blues or jazz.
Here at Humbucker Music we have been amazed at how consistent the Suhrs are from guitar to guitar. It would be hard to pick one that plays better than any other since each one of them is seemingly perfect right out of the box! With the Pro Series Suhr’s approach was to build a guitar with that same amazing playability and craftsmanship at a price point that allows a lot more players to enjoy it… and we definitely think they have hit the mark.
For more information on this guitar please click on the image.

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