New Tone King Falcons are starting to arrive!

Tone King Falcon Amplifier at Humbucker Music
Tone King Falcon Amplifier at Humbucker Music

Humbucker Music is proud to announce the arrival of the all new Tone King Falcon Amplifier! We just received our first shipment of these beauties and even though most were already pre-sold we still have a Falcon in Black available!

Tone King’s all new 12W, 1×10 Falcon channels the simplicity and grease fired glory of pure old-school tweed tone. The unique and all new single channel 3-knob preamp (vol, tone, voicing) has three distinct but overlapping voicings – blackface, dead-nuts tweed, and tight 70’s hard rock crunch. Its’ 2x6V6, cathode biased, zero-feedback, ultralinear output stage gives the Falcon a totally old school vibe – spanky, twangin’ cleans and overdrive so chunky, thick, and fat that you can practically smell the bacon frying. A genuine built-in Ironman precision attenuator guarantees that you’ll get the same  grease-fired tones at any volume level, down to true bedroom level.
For more information on this amplifier or to order your own Falcon click on the image or give us a call!
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