Orange announces OR50 Head reissue!

Orange OR50 Head at Humbucker Music
Orange OR50 Head at Humbucker Music

In 2008 Orange celebrated their 40th anniversary with the release of the OR50 Head. And after a few years of overwhelming public demand Orange has announced the reissue of the OR50 for 2012!

The OR50 is a tribute to the 1972 “Pics Only” amplifier which came to define the Orange sound. Though not a direct reissue of the “Pics Only” amp the OR50 definitely leans to to the vintage legend in it’s cosmetics, tone and even construction. The OR50 features a traditional single channel with a three stage gain section,but the real secret in the OR50’s arsenal is the HF Drive control. This is two controls in one! Turning the control clockwise will increase the power amp presence whilst adding an extra dimension of power amp gain.  Along with a foot defeatable master volume, this is truly one of the most versatile single channel amps ever created.

The OR50 is scheduled to start shipping in January of 2012 so be on the lookout! Or if you want to go ahead and claim on for yourself click on the image to pre-order yours today!

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