Gjika SE-30 Head and 2×12 Cab have finally arrived!

Gjika SE-30 Head and 2x12 Cab at Humbucker Music

Gjika SE-30 Head and 2x12 Cab at Humbucker Music

After a very very very long wait Humbucker Music is proud to announce the arrival of its first Gjika Amplifier! This amplifier is one of the loudest 30 watts we have ever heard in our lives!

The Gjika SE-30 is an all new design by master amp builder Bob Gjika.  We got to hear the prototype of this fine machine at the Premier Builder’s Guild Summit back in October of 2010 and we were quite impressed.  This amp features 30 Watts of extremely dynamic response via two KT66 power tubes.  The SE-30 also utilizes a 5AR4 rectifier tube, and two 12AX7’s in the preamp.

Bob keeps it very simple with just a volume and a tone, but believe us, the tone of this amp is quite complex!

The Gjika 2×12 Cab is constructed out of all birch plywood, and features twin Celestion Greenback G12M 20-Watt Heritage speakers.

If you are a Marshall fan then you need to do yourself a favor and check this bad boy out!

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