Hard time deciding on a Maz? Check out the Dr. Z Maz Buyers Guide!

Dr. Z Maz Buyers Guide at Humbucker Music
Dr. Z Maz Buyers Guide at Humbucker Music

With 5 different styles of Dr. Z Maz amplifers and an almost endless choice of options we here at Humbucker Music have put together a “Maz Buyers Guide” to try and help you to fully understand all that is available when ordering and how they relate to the amp as a finished unit.

With info on which wattage power rating, reverb v.s. non-reverb, head/cab v.s. combo, speaker selection, attenuation, and color, the Maz Buyers Guide will help you get the perfect fit Maz for you!
So what ever you want, whether its a Maz 8 , Maz 18 or a Maz 38, the buyers guide will help you with any questions you have. And if for some reason you can’t find an answer to a question please give us a call here and we will be glad to answer it for you!
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