New Catalinbread pedals are in stock now!

New Catalinbread pedals at Humbucker Music

New Catalinbread pedals at Humbucker Music

The three latest creations from Catalinbread Pedals are in stock now at Humbucker Music! The newest additions to the line up include the Manx Loaghtan Fuzz, the Naga Viper Boost and the CB30 Overdrive.

Humbucker Music is very proud to be a dealer for Catalinbread Effects Pedals!

Nicholas Harris, the founder and engineer of these Specialized Mechanisms of Music first started messing around with electronics when he was around 12 years old.  

Pedal and amp designs and mods have always been a passion for Nicholas, and it certainly shows in the success of many of his pedals, such as the Dirty Little Secret, Semaphore Tremolo, The Formula No. 5, and the SFT.

So be sure to check out all that Catalinbread has to offer!

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