Introducing the new Dr. Z Maz 8!

Dr.  Z Maz 8 at Humbucker Music

Dr. Z Maz 8 at Humbucker Music

After months of waiting Dr. Z has finally announced the release of the Maz 8! The Maz8 will begin shipping around the 1st of October and will be offerend in an all new 1×12 studio cabinet design, a standard 1×12, a 2×10 and a head.  So get your pre-orders in now!

Based on the modern day classic Maz 18 platform, the Maz 8 is set to become the new standard in single ended amps. If you are tired of thinking of ways to win the volume wars with sound guys, club owners, and recording engineers the Maz 8 is the solution. The Maz 8 is a full featured 8 watt amp that will give you an incredible range of shimmering cleans to full on rock action at reasonable volume levels.

Why is this more expensive than the Maz 18?  Contrary to what many may think, this amp is NOT meant to be the little brother to the Maz 18.  It is essentially the same amp with one less tube (and obviously lower wattage) but it comes with reverb and with an AlNiCo Blue loaded by default.  It also features a Pentode/Triode mode switch to change the character of the amp. 

 Click on the image to check out more info on the Dr. Z Maz 8!

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