It’s here! Our Custom Swart Space Tone Reverb in Red

Swart STR in Custom Red Tolex at Humbucker Music

Swart STR in Custom Red Tolex at Humbucker Music

Every think what could make Swart amps cooler than they already are? Well here is you answer. Fresh from Michael Swart here is a Space Tone Reverb in Custom Red Tolex!

This beautiful amp is a new Humbucker Music favorite!

This is essentially like the original Space Tone Reverb, a circuit based on the little 5W, Class A, single-ended 6V6’R that started it all, but with new found bottom, and just amazing breakup. Of course, it has the same awesome reverb. In addition, the STR has a switch that brings in more cleans, taming the breakup a bit when you want to tone it down.

With the point to point handwired construction this little 5 watt combo is truly a tone monster! And it doesn’t stop with the STR. Be sure to check out the line of Atomic Space Tones and all of the other offering that Swart brings to the table on our website.

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