Mesa TransAtlantic 30 heads are in!

MEsa Boogie TransAtlantic 30 Head
MEsa Boogie TransAtlantic 30 Head at Humbucker Music

Many people have been waiting on the new TA-30 Heads from Mesa Boogie for a while now. Well, they finally started shipping them out and Humbucker Music has several in stock!

The new TA-30 shares all of the amazing tone, quality American construction, classic looks and ultra convenient portability that has made the TA-15 such an overwhelming success but then raises the bar with enhanced performance features that provide more power and flexibility to tailor the amp to practically any playing environment.  From pro touring to club dates, pro studio to home studio and all points in-between, no matter where your music takes you, the TA-30 is your passport to the world of tone.  So if you’re looking for an amp with an unsurpassed range of classic tones, impeccable build quality, exceptional performance versatility without compromise, all from a surprisingly light, portable package, then your dream amp has arrived!

Also be sure to check out the Mesa Boogie TA-30 2×12 Combo!

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