Tone King Galaxy is bringing tone from the far reaches of space!

Tone King Galaxy Amplifier

Tone King Galaxy Amplifier at Humbucker Music

Well boys and girls after what seems to have been light years the new Tone King Galaxy has landed and it is here at Humbucker Music! With its retro futuristic design you will swear this thing came straight from The Jetsons!

I know what you’re thinking.. this thing looks like a beefed up version of the Imperial. But at 60 watts (three times the wattage of the Imperial) this amp is a beast of its own! With a blooming clean, tight lead, out of this world reverb and the lush tremolo that you have come to know from Tone King this amp is sure to capture the attention of it’s listeners.

This amp only comes in the head and cab configuration so if combos are more your thing be sure to check out the Imperial and the Metropolitan… Truth is you can’t go wrong with any of them!

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