Swart Amplifiers! Little amps with BIG tone!

Swart Amplifiers

Swart Amplifiers at Humbucker Music

You asked for them and we wanted them! Humbucker Music is the newest Swart Amplifier dealer!

Retro futuristic appeal? Swart has it! From the Space Tone 6V6se, the Atomic Space Tone and on to the Atomic Space Tone Head MKII and 1×12 Cab. These amps have impressed us from the moment we turned them on!

Designed by Michael Swart to fit all the needs of a small studio or home use amp but still provide BIG tone and distortion when needed, these amps have made there way into studios, homes and even onto stages all over the world!

If you get a chance to get to try one of these out we highly recommend it! Nothing that’s written here can prepare you for the tone that you’ll here!

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