Check it out! K-Line 60’s T-Style in Surf Green!

K-Line 60's T-Style in Surf Green

K-Line 60's T-Style in Surf Green at Humbucker Music

After the first K-Line 60’s T-Style Guitar in Surf Green sold before it came through our doors we knew we had to get our hands on another one of these beauties!

This guitar has major vibe and is another fine example of Chris Kroenlein’s work.  His construction, setups, meticulous quality control and attention to detail in the aging process has earned him a reputation shared by few other custom builders.  Combine that with the quality of woods, hardware and electronics used, and you’d be truly hard-pressed to find a custom made guitar at this quality level anywhere near this price range!

And if Surf Green isn’t your color be sure to check out our 60’s T-Style in Sonic Blue and our 60’s T-Style in Ocean Turquoise!

Again, if you haven’t gotten a chance to play one of the K-Line guitars you need to do yourself a favor and stop by our shop or go to your nearest dealer and check them out!

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