We’ve got ’em! The Suhr Badger amps are in stock now!

Suhr Badger 18 Head at Humbucker Music

Suhr Badger 18 Head at Humbucker Music

Along with the Suhr Guitars and Suhr pedals we also took on their very popular line of amplifiers.

These amps are amazing! The Suhr Badger has been John Suhr’s labor of love and the embodiment of his vision of the ultimate low-wattage cathode-biased all-tube amplifier. Tonally, the Badger imparts a distinctly British flavor with the EL-84 output section, but it doesn’t quite sound like any of classic UK vintage amps.

The Badger has its very own tonality with a very broad range of sounds covering a wide spectrum of clean to overdriven tones typically not found in amps of this class. This new little beast of an amp also offers unmatched flexibility with a defeatable Drive control (pseudo master volume), the defeatable Power Scaling feature for great cranked amp tones at low volume levels, and a tube-buffered effects loop.

Available in both an 18 watt and 30 watt configuration this amp should be able to find its way into everyones rig!

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