Jack Deville Electronics are now at Humbucker Music!

Jack Deville Electronics

Jack Deville Electronics

After seeing these pedals in action at NAMM we knew they needed to be part of our offering of pedals.

Some of our favorite pedals here at Humbucker Music are fuzz pedals. So there was no question, we had  to get our hands on the world’s quietest fuzz pedal the Jack Deville Buzzmaster. But that wasn’t the only Jack Deville pedal that caught our attention. The Dark Echo and the Mod Zero are also built with such great quality and attention to detail that we just couldn’t say no. Each pedal is hand worked to ensure extremely high build quality, reliability, and most of all, the tone they were designed to create. It’s no wonder why so many artists are using these pedals in their rigs every night.

If you have a chance swing by our shop and check out the Jack Deville lineup for yourself. And if you can’t make it by then check out the great videos posted under each of the pedals on the Humbucker Music website.

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