Humbucker Music now has Fano Guitars in stock. Finally! :)

Fano Guitars JM6 and TC6
Fano Guitars at Humbucker Music

Talk about excited!  To the left are just some of the Fano Guitars we ordered nearly a year ago, and they’re just now starting to arrive.   So far we’re received a few JM6, SP6, and TC6 models, with more coming in over the next month or so.  The demand for these guitars has been quite high, and it easy to see why just based on aesthetics alone, but the true reason is the superb tone and playability.  Customers have reported that the look of the Fano lineup attracted them, but the feel and sound is what drive them to purchase these works of art by Dennis Fano.

Even though his guitars are built on a solid foundation of classic aesthetics and time tested woods like alder, swamp ash and mahogany, they feature many improvements like compound radius fingerboards, TonePros and Gotoh hardware, ToneStyler Tone Pots, and custom wound Fralin and Lollar pickups that deliver a wide range of tones suitable for any style of music.

Check them out today.  They won’t last long…

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