New Baker B3 Metal-XS in Surf Green just came in.

Baker B3 Metal-XS Guitar

Baker B3 Metal-XS Guitar

I must say, we are VERY excited about this one.   It’s a pretty unique guitar, indeed!

This masterpiece was built by Gene Baker (read about Gene here) to be a bit different.  Obviously, it’s neck through construction sets it apart from many of the Fender styled instruments, but it also sports an all mahogany body and neck giving it that warm woody tone that just can’t be had from the common alder and maple combination.  Add to this the custom hand-wound Lollar Special S pickups which Lollar describes as “a deep thick tone, round highs, and smooth bottom that approaches a “Gibsonish” attack and sustain,” and you have a perfect hybrid of Fender and Gibson tone.

Since Gene Baker was a Master Builder for both Gibson and Fender Custom Shops, it’s only fitting that he designed this guitar the way he did.  Thanks, Gene!

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