Dr. Z Amps Releases new Brake Late SA Stand Alone Attenuator

Dr. Z Brake Lite SA

You asked for for it and Dr. Z listened…

The geniuses at Dr. Z has just released the new fully enclosed Brake Lite SA (Stand Alone.)   It features the same guts as the combo mount Brake Lite, but able to be tossed in the gig bag for use with many different amps on the fly.   The Brake Lite SA works with any tube amp up to 45 watts and can be used with 4, 8, or 16, ohm loads.   It has 2 speaker outs that are wired in parallel so you can now run multiple cabs with ease.

We’re expected to start getting these in stock very soon, so check back for more updates at the Brake Lite SA product page.

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