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Want to get to know us a little better?

We speak to people from all over the country, with many being repeat customers several times over.  Doing business this way makes it hard to put a face with the guy on the phone. Therefore, we decided to post some … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different . . .

for MESA, anyway.  Certainly not us!   We just got the first Mesa Boogie Amp *ever* in Surf Green.  This one-of-a-kind Mark V Combo is sure to turn heads.  As of now, it’s the only MESA in this color, but we still have an … Continue reading

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Humbucker Music now has Wampler Pedals!

Humbucker Music is proud to be the newest Wampler Pedals dealer. These hand built effects are some of the finest made.  We should be getting our shipment very soon. Find out why artists like Brad Paisley, Brent Mason, and Johnny … Continue reading

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FMR Audio Announces the ARC Pedal. What’s an ARC?

First and foremost, the FMR Audio ARC Pedal is not a compressor.   While it does have elements of compression within, we want to be careful not to lump it in with others.  It’s also a top-notch boost, and a studio quality … Continue reading

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New DVD on Dr. Z Amplifiers.

There’s a DVD that’s just been released about Dr. Z Amplifiers. It goes through the history and background behind every model. *VERY* informative and full of info for the boutique guitar amp connoisseur.  It also features Dr. Z related interviews … Continue reading

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We have Mint Green Stingray Classics coming!

Awesome! Look what we have coming! Vintage green colored items are certainly our weakness at Humbucker Music. Surf, Seafoam, Mint, Sage… It doesn’t matter. We’ll fall for them every time.  And now to have them on Music Man Stingray Basses … Continue reading

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WAH did you say? Price reduction on the RMC 3?

The Teese RMC 3 is quite possibly the world’s best wah pedal (with average lead times near a year these days) at a reduced price? $239 w/ free shipping for a limited time. The RMC3 includes licensed fuzz-friendly technology, true-bypass, adjustable rocker … Continue reading

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Humbucker Music Pedal Reviews & Tips by Josh

If you’re lookin’  to kill a little time and learn about some boutique pedals, drop by and check out some of the in depth reviews and tips written by one of our resident pedal experts, Josh Bates.  He reviews The … Continue reading

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New Dr. Z Amp just released! The MONZA!

 We just got a shipment of the all new hand-built Dr. Z Monza amplifiers in, and let me tell you, it’s a freakin’ BEAST! This amp is high gain without getting fuzzy and loose one bit! PLEASE come by any … Continue reading

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Introducing the MESA TransAtlantic TA-15

TransAtlantic TA-15 Coming very soon to Humbucker Music is the TransAtlantic TA-15, the new micro-dynamo from MESA Engineering. While MESA may be the last to show at the lunchbox amp party, they claim there is good reason for their stylishly … Continue reading

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